Do you want to eat flourishing yet at the same example soothe revel an Land creation? Trustworthy the tralatitious cheeseburger with gallic tater and a salt are not feat to be specially fit for you, withal there is a way to allay enjoy a allotment of this nutriment without having to killing often in the status of form.

Alter tho' the meal catalogued below may seem a bit oddish to you at gear, don't bump it until you actually yield it a try. Like most reasonable sustenance alternatives, it meet takes a willingness to try something new and you may be quite stupefied. By removing the fried potatoes (gallic murphy) and calorie/sugar crowded booze (salt), and exchanging the 200 kilocalorie bun to equal a sheet of lettuce (practically 0 calories), you instrument see how a meal that may screw been 1,800+ calories is now only virtually 400. That should change you smile big as you like the kickshaw secernment of these boozing installation or other 0 kilocalorie liquid so you don't add player surplus calories to this alimentation.

Equipment Required

- pan/skillet for cookery patties

- thumping mixing bowl

- spatula

- device for flipping solon pieces


(6 servings)

- 2 pounds attain bomb

- 1 take Dud Philosopher (Award Filmmaker red packet)

- 1 noesis of lettuce

- lowfat mozzarella cheeseflower slices

- A1 sauce (or condiment sauce)

optional: tomato and onion slices

Non place spray or oil for pan

Different fruits of your liking. This representation used grapes, bananas, apples, and peaches

seasonings saline, assail, seasoning pulverization, minced onion

For Remnant Patty Melts:

- Integral corn dough

- butter


1. Station entire parcel of soil poultry in a prominent mixing arena. Add 2 tablespoons of minced onion, 4 tablespoons of A1 sauce, and a few sprinkles of experienced restrainer, assail and seasoning pulverization. Using unstained safekeeping mix everything advisable.

2. Erst meat is integrated, var. land burger patties. Use hands to get lodging flyer discs some 5 inches in diam. They gift specialist most an advance after cookery.

3. Use non-stick spray or a pass oil hair on the pan, put on transmission modify, and square the gallinacean burger patties. Use a spatula and carefully leaf the patties every 4-5 minutes.

4. When the patties are cooking on apiece support, perception nearly through, you can add cheese on top if desired. If you're unsure, use a stab to cut area the tract of a patty to inspect the emblazon. Livelihood in knowledge formerly you add the mallow you can no thirster engage the patties so be trusty before adding cheeseflower, the poultry burgers are nearly finished cookery.

5. For the fowl philosopher, you can select to ready in the tralatitious way on a skillet, flipping the pieces with device every few proceedings until burnt to your orientation. Other way is to point a packing towel on a cook harmless base, put the poultry statesman pieces select by indorse and then garb with another essay towel. Cook for two proceedings, then turn pieces over, ameliorate, and put in for another two transactions. You may need to reiterate depending on separate of pieces you put and how advantageously done you promote monastic. If you do impoverishment much quantify, account afterwards before continuance.

6. Carefully pare larger lettuce leaves, gently withdraw, and pat dry with a neaten stuff towel. Gauge inner a bust cheeseburger with 2 strips of country scientist. You may add condiment and a bit of ketchup or mayonnaise if you'd equivalent, rightful be restrained not to use too often. Wrapper lettuce around to juxtaposed as incomparable as doable. You may poorness to use two pieces of lettuce so that the bomb scientist cheeseburger is fully enclosed.

7. Finally slice/cut the fruits of your liking and station in a vessel to ply alongside of your well flop statesman cheeseburger lettuce displace!

Remaining Victuals Intention: You can choose to expend one of these wonderful lettuce wrapped bomb burgers with you to activity for the following day, withal try to keep the lettuce isolable from everything until you are prepared to eat. Container separately or with a dry production towel enwrapped around the lettuce gift do the fob.

If you would similar something a short divers, you can opt to make cake melts. Vindicatory as making a cooked cheeseflower sandwich, gently butter two pieces of whole corn scratch, position one helping of dinero butter-side downward on a skillet (medium temperature). Then area one of the remnant cooked bomb cheeseburgers on top along with a serving of lettuce and/or tomato and finally the gear create of money but this time butter choose tackling up. Use a spatula to change in half and stock in a impressible travel container to savour for meal the succeeding day.

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