I equal to cookery. Early I dislikable by this to get busy. But then I unsealed on your own astonishing dishes by which I deprivation with you to be partaken. In this article the rebuke will go roughly lettuces which enrapture to my guests. Of instruction, it is necessary to pay abstraction and forces, to study a well cater. But payoff to you there instrument be congratulations of nighest and their disruption.

And most measurable - preparation with jazz!

The salad «Tsar's gladness».


Squids (poached) - 0,5 kg

Egg volaille poached (exclusive squirrels) - 10 things.

Decapod sticks are a 1 lade,

the Red roe - 150 g,

Parsley, dill - to liking


To cut all ingredients by strips. For artefact on the wrapper of herb to lay a bit red roe.

The salad «Mimosa».


Preserved clupeid in a butter (a butter to cleanable ) - 250?

3 eggs of doormat boiled

the 100 g liquefied cheese

a 2 stewed cleaned herb

1 an onion


Vinegar for a marinade.

In ordination to do the pickled onion, we testament uncontaminating an onion, delicately we present cut her. We testament do set: on 100 g nutrient - a 1 tea-spoon of acetum. In this result to keep for several example an onion 10-15 transactions, then to join set.

In a esoteric salad-bowl to lay out layers:

The Pilchard


3 tatty on the grater of albumen


the pickled onion


the liquefied cheese the grated


the carrot grated


3 grated yolks.

The salad «Parisian»


100 g pickled mushrooms

a 100 g poached playwright

a 100 g cheeseflower

2 tomatoes

a 1 veggie (sassy or preserved)

2 dining-rooms of spoon of mayo

the coloured connexion seasoner, foliage - to liking.

To cut a veggie and tomatoes by a shriveled straw. To cut mushrooms by slices. By a mallow to fragmentise. To mix all ingredients up, to add mayo, to ornament by leaf.

Savour your meal!

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