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Top 10 Keto Foods That Knock You OUT of Ketosis

 Top 10 Keto Foods That Knock You OUT of Ketosis

The 10 best keto foods that suppress ketosis, learn them in this comprehensive guide

Hello, some of the main features of keto are that if we eat a large amount of carbohydrates, the body relies on carbohydrates, and forgets how to burn fats, then the carbohydrates take out a bunch of insulin and all the fats are stored, and now we cannot burn them and gain weight we have diabetes and so on. So, so the way the keto diet works is that by reducing enough low-carb carbohydrates, the body eventually learns to burn fat, and we have adapted again, and now that we have eaten more fat and less sugar, we are now more satiated and feeling full. For a longer time and we end up eating fewer meals,

 and when we eat fewer meals, we end up consuming less food in general and that is the entire goal but we don't want to starve, we want to be content with doing it and that is exactly what the system does. The ketogenic diet means different things to different people, but in rough numbers we are talking about the percentage of calories, not the percentage of dietary grams, but the percentage of calories that come from about 80% from fat, 15% from protein and about 5% from carbohydrates, and this net carbs means that you Take the total

amount of carbohydrate in the food you subtract the fiber because wedon't utilize it for fuel it doesn't affect blood sugar and then we end upwith about 25 grams of net carbs and that's a very strict version of keya lot of people are going to be in keto if they back off they're not quite thatstrict and they go seventy percent of calories from fat 20 from protein and 10from carbohydrate and they're still gonna be in ketosis so these is not likea black and white it's not the same for everybody and that's where we need tounderstand some mechanisms and some principles so we can figure out where wefit so in the second case here our budget are a loud amount of carbohydratewould be 50 grams today so how does

 that budget work well then you have to add upyou have to kind of weigh or figure out at least in the beginning what yourbudget is so let's say that you have four eggs and most people think of eggswell that's animal food that has zero carbs well not quite an egg has about0.7 grams of carbs it's in the egg yolk so if you have four eggs in a day that'stwo point eight grams of carbs if you eat two ounces of blueberries that'sfive point six if you have two ounces of heavy cream that's one point seven threeounces of almonds is eight point one four ounces of cabbage three point ninetwo ounces of kale is two point seven and so on and then you add up all ofthat and in this particular case we get twenty four

 point eight and the numbersjust happen to come out that way I promise but if someone was shooting forto go under 25 grams then this food would allow them to do that but oftenpeople talk about being in ketosis or out of ketosis being knocked out ofketosis but it's more a matter of degrees it's it's a gradual scale we'renot really in or out we have a certain amount we have more or less ketosisgoing on so we're going to have more ketosis in the morning for example whenwe have an during the night we're gonna have moreketosis after a workout all right so no ketosis is generally considered lessthan 0.5 millimoles of ketones per liter if you measure it with the blood sticknow light nutritional ketosis that's when you

 start getting into keto isbetween 0.5 and 1 this is where a lot of people are gonna get tremendous healthbenefits moderate ketosis is between 1 & 2 and this is if you need to be a littlebit more aggressive in reversing insulin resistance or some underlying conditionif you're exercising then after exercise you probably gonna have more ketonesbecause you burn some fat so again different for different people maybebetween 2 & 4 and if you're fasting long term like if you go on a fast more than24 hours now you're gonna start getting higher numbers so typically if you fastfor 5 days or a week most people are gonna fall between 3 to 6 you typicallydon't want to get much above that

 ketoacidosis that's a disease that's forpeople who have no insulin and now they're burning fat because they can'tuse sugar at all there is no insulin to take the blood sugar out of thebloodstream so they're burning fat so what you're going to find on thesepeople if you do a blood test is they're ketones are gonna be high but they'realso gonna have sky-high glucose and that's not gonna happen unless you havea disease where you're lacking insulin for most people who are insulinresistant they're not gonna have that issue and you're gonna find yourselfsomewhere in fasting to know ketosis range next let's look at food labelingbecause someone claimed that half and half had zero carbs that's what thepackage

 said how can that be as we all know that dairy products have lactosewhich is a sugar and half-and-half actually has about four point sixpercent carbs and when we've round that down and we round it to the nearest evennumber we get five a typical serving it's going to vary depending on themanufacturer but oftentimes they say that a serving is two tablespoons whichwould be one point four grams of sugar or lactose or carb and when we roundthat we get one however other manufacturers might claim that a servingis one tablespoon and then you're gonna get half of that point six nine gramsbut look now that's also going to be rounded to one so the according to thepackage even though we take twice as much in one case it has the same amountbecause of such great rounding errors but now let's take it one step

 furtherlet's say someone wanted to make it look like they had very very little carbs orzero what if we take a serving to be two teaspoons now we get 0.46 grams of carbsand when we round it it's zero so now somebody buys that package and they lookand it says zero carbohydrates perfect ketogenic food and because they normallydrink milk and half-and-half is much tastier and you know that on a keto dietyou can have lots of fat they went on to drink a whole quart or four cups on aregular basis and now they had 42 grams of sugar in their diet from a packagethat said it had zero so we need to understand some of these principles weneed to start understanding which foods have what because when they

 round thingsdown when something is a zero or a one then that gives us very very littleinformation if you read the food label and it has zero or one you really don'tknow what's going on there that's why you want to get some sense of how manypercent of carbs or sugar or fat or protein is is in a food and then youstart getting a sense of what that so we need to be aware of this when we'relooking at a food label and the numbers start getting very low down to one orzero then there's huge rounding errors involved and that zero or one reallydoesn't tell us much of anything so we much rather would want to learnapproximately how many percent of sugar or carbs or fat or protein is in a foodbecause then we can start getting a sense of how it applies to us let's jumpinto the top 10 foods that a lot of people think

 are Kido foods but thatmight actually knock you out of ketosis that might sabotage your results and forsome of you you might go oh well I know these may not be such good keto foodsbut this is what a lot of people believe and this is what I hear a lot ofquestions about so there may be a few surprises in here for you and the firstsurprise for most people is liver liver is considered a meat product and almostevery kind of meat product has exactly zero sugar zero carbohydrate well theliver actually stores some glycogen so on the food lists liver has about 4percent carbohydrate muscle technically couldhave a trace of carbohydrate but it's going to be much much less and it isrounded to 0 I mean it's it's minuscule if there's any at all but liver can havefour percent carbs and if a serving is six ounces

 then you could actually get 7grams of carbs in a serving of something that you thought had zero carbs andagain if you think about your carb budget for someone who is sort ofsensitive to carbs for someone has to be really super strict then that 7 gramscould knock you way over your limit and sabotage your results another favoriteketo snack is beef jerky they're selling it everywhere and they're saying lookthis is the perfect key to food it's paleo friendly and it's grass-fedorganic it's a superfood perfect for keto but then they soak this thing insyrup in honey or in some form of sugar product to the point where it can have25% sugar I kid you not I've seen lots and lots of examples ofthat and if you eat a 2 ounce serving which isn't very much it's a couple of 3pieces you could have 15 grams of sugar from something that you would think is ameat product number 8 way to sabotage your ketosis is sweet

 dressing so youhave your salad you're so proud of yourself you have a steak salad or atuna salad and then you love that honey mustard dressing which can have 23%carbohydrate almost a quarter of that bottle is pure sugar and you know you goto a restaurant and they give you that little package of dressing and there'shardly ever and enough so you asked for two well two of those packages is 3ounces so now you've got 20 grams of sugar on top of your salad and if you'reout traveling and you know that you don't want to eat the candy from the gasstation or the convenience store but they did have some nuts and you lovehoney roasted peanuts well they can have 20% sugar20% carbohydrate part of that is in the nuts and part of it is added so onelittle bag is usually 2 ounces and when it's sweet

 and addictive you can't havejust one so 4 ounces of peanuts is not a whole lot it goes down pretty quickthat's 24 grams of carbohydrates definitely enough to knock you that'salmost the entire budget of Harv's for a lot of people who need tobe strict and then we hear that dark chocolate is okay on keto but somepeople they don't look so closely at the label then you said oh yeah it was darkchocolate but dark chocolate usually starts around 50% so if they don't tellyou how dark it is it's usually 50% and if it's 50% cocoa in the chocolate thatmeans the other 50% is sugar and then there is some naturally occurringcarbohydrates in there as well so you get 55% carbs 50% of that is sugar inwhat's called dark chocolate and this is not what we talk about when we say darkchocolate when with keto we don't even

 begin to talk dark chocolate until it'snot at least 70% I think 78 is kind of the bottom leveland 85 is where you can really start to feel safe about it but the 50% darkchocolate if a serving is one and a half ounces that's like a third of a bar 40%of a bar like they usually call a serving then that's 24 grams of carbsmostly sugar and some people keto is just fried chicken and bacon but somepeople also know that you can have some vegetables but they're not totally clearon what those vegetables are and a lot of people think that corn is a vegetablewhich it is not corn is a grain it's a relatively high water content

 grain butit's still a grain and it has 17% carbs corn is also very easy to eat because ithas lots of water so six ounces go down pretty quick and that's 30 grams ofcarbohydrate there's a reason you know they make corn syrup out of corn numberfour way to ruin your ketosis is sweet potato and most people wouldn't knowthat this is a very starchy food but I want to clarify because a lot of peopleare told that they can't eat potato on a paleo diet because potato isnot paleo but sweet potato is okay on a paleo diet which is true but it's notokay on a keto diet so sweet potato 17% carbs a six ounce serving will get youthirty grams and pretty much guaranteed to knock your honor ketosis number threeway to ruin your ketosis is cashews so if you didn't fall for the honey roastedpeanuts you knew that the peanuts

 had sugar on them and you wanted to gonatural on sweden's you went for the cashews well cashews have 27 percentcarbs that's why they're so addictive they're so easy to eat a lot because thesugar and the carbs are built-in you don't have to sweeten them a four ounceserving again two of those little bags at the gas station is 32 grams of carbsnot to mention the people who buy the can the big super jar at Costco andstart eating and don't really measure how much they're getting they could getmany many times that much number two now we fire up the barbecue because we knowmeat is definitely okay if we stick with beef and pork and things like that theyhave no sugar but we like to have a little bit of barbecue sauce or steaksauce or some condiment on there and they can vary greatly but here's onethat

 I found barbecue sauce 41% sugar in that so almost half of thatsauce is syrup and they probably will tell you that a serving is one or twotablespoons but seriously that's like that much who uses that I would thinkmost people probably use two or three ounces worth of barbecue sauce for aparty for a meal and then you get 36 grams of carbs all of which is puresugar and the number one way to ruin your ketosis is fried chicken a lot ofpeople again they think it's about fried meatand bacon and fat and as long as it's fried it's mostly fat well that's nottrue because fried chicken has 18% carbohydrates and even just two littlepieces like two drumsticks would be eight ounces give you 43 grams ofcarbohydrate you might as well have a couple of pieces of bread and I'm wellaware that not everyone would eat this exact serving size but I just figuredthese were pretty typical for what

 people You will probably eat until you understand that it is all about the amount of poison in the potion, everything is fine of these things may be perfectly fine if you have very little if you know how to control yourself and you have three of those things . It's not a problem now, don't drive yourself crazy, don't do the analysis, don't think you should measure everything and find out every gram and every milligram. Well, just know what suffices you. You want to learn enough principles that you want to learn enough about the food you know What is essential in these things And you don't have to learn it all at once, you just need to know enough not to be taken advantage of if someone says half and half

 contains zero carbohydrates you know it better because dairy is still there and then as you progress, measure as needed, I measured the amount of food, I measured the amount of grams and the amount of tablespoons etc.but you don't have to measure everything you just have to measure it. Even though you get the hang of it and then you measure some blood glucose to see how you respond and then you measure some ketones to see where you are and you won't have to do it all the time but it's really fun to see how the numbers change and then you start to see the bigger and more important picture. You begin to understand how it works for you because we are all different.