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All you need to know about the Australian Kilby breed



The breed from the Australian Kilby originated from Australia, and I’m sorry for the clarity and tautology. It happened when in the middle of the nineteenth century the continent was brought into a black coli, which overlapped with different, and also, according to some data, even with the wild dog Dingo (Dingo), as evidenced by some external similarity (although in 2019 he did genome studies That found that wild chickens was not in the genus).

What came out of these crossings exceeded all expectations of the breeders, and they needed to be able to participate in grazing, in the hot Australian climate. Indeed, it is impossible to say that the breeders were employed by professional breeders. In favor of this statement is also the fact that the first individual (female) was sold in 1872 by a Scotsman named George Robertson, Jack Gleason. The dog was called Kilby, which later became the name for the entire breed.

Kilby is the name of a water spirit from Scottish mythology. As you can imagine, all of these men were settlers. Named Kelpie does not resemble traditional black collies, and later changed more due to crossbreeding, which was obviously free and with little control. Although targeted crossbreeding also occurred.

In any case, over time, there was a standard breed, which had a large amount of energy, could withstand the harsh weather conditions of Australia, stay in the sun as long as possible, and had outstanding endurance.

Subsequently, the Kelpie breed became popular farther than Australia. For example, in the United States, these are highly prized in hot states, for their distinct innate shepherd qualities, and in Sweden they are used for mountain rescue work. Now there are two types of Kelpie – exhibition and action. The first is bred with an emphasis on appearance for shows at exhibitions, and the second – for grazing. These are also called Australian Shepherd.


Kelpies are medium sized with pointed ears and a wedge-shaped snout. The breasts are tall, the physique is muscular, the paws are of medium length, the tail is not dome


The Kelpie dog has a soft and kind character, well suited as a reliable and loyal friend, with whom you can at least go to the end of the world. Their stamina is what they are famous for, they can eat or sleep all day, be on their feet and at the same time handle their jobs perfectly. Be it protecting cattle, common travel, protecting the yard of a private home – Kelpie everywhere shows itself better.

It is truly a human friend in every sense of the word. They have a great sense of smell, excellent hearing, and they are specific and unique to this class of shepherd’s skills. Advanced intelligence allows you to fully understand not only the owner’s speech, but also his psychological and emotional state, providing support in difficult times and keeping orders. Very independent and independent, but not stubborn.

Children are treated well with care. They love to play, and need constant daily activity, including mental. Since the Kelpie breed was originally designed for intense activities, in the conditions of a city apartment the owner will have to take serious care of this issue. The ideal place to preserve it is, of course, a private house with its own yard.

By the way, the dog can spend the entire day without the presence of the owner, and not suffer from loneliness. However, if you do not provide your pet with the appropriate level of activity, and leave it for the whole day in the apartment, you can be sure that upon arrival you will be waiting for a complete mess. After all, the power must be put somewhere. Also, the animal needs socialization and education, because it can give a sound to any irritants – strangers, loud noises in the yard, etc.


Kilby dog ​​genetically speaking has an excellent ability to protect lands, and it does not even need to be studied. Another question is that they need to be taught for commands, proper behavior and obedience, as in nature they are completely independent. Also – with a huge supply of energy.

To teach pets to restrain yourself, you need to do this consistently, for a long time. Training can start as early as 5-6 months. It is important to limit the hyperactivity of reactions to stimuli, so that the dog learns not to react to the slightest barking rustle, and to watch what happens, “on” is in real danger.

Kilby’s independent nature should be respected – pets are not suppressed, praised for his successes, and respected. These are very smart – they understand everything, even if they try to convince you otherwise. Therefore, they easily remember the teams, and they understand what you want from them. Justice, patience and kindness – this is what will make the dog respect you and not only fulfill orders, but also listen to you as an authority.

Common diseases
The Kelpie dog breed, in general, has good health, but sometimes there may be the following problems:

Hip dysplasia;
Progressive retinal atrophy;
Anomaly of Cooley’s eye;
Cerebellar atrophy.