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A Comprehensive Guide to the Dog Breed Welsh Corgi Cardigan

We will first tell you about the history of this breed of dogs


The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a very old and very rare breed of dog that comes from Wales, that is, from England, and it is a domestic breed. It is believed that the ancient Celtic tribes kept these dogs and gave them high esteem. Later, in the Middle Ages, when the Vikings landed in modern England, the locals actively used Welsh Corgi dogs in many areas of life.

Despite their small size, these dogs helped a lot as shepherds of various types of livestock, as well as performing protective functions. In addition, the beautiful character made them excellent companions for man. Another non-typical function of dogs that Corgi dogs performed in the medieval world was to hunt rodents and small wild animals that encroach on grain, chickens, or geese.

There was an ancient Welsh law that protected these animals - for stealing or killing a dog, it provided for a large fine and, in some cases, corporal punishment in the field. Some researchers believe that Corgi dogs were crossed with small Nordic Spitz dogs brought by the Vikings during the invasion. Thanks to this, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke breed was born.

The British Welsh Cardigan Association was founded in 1926, although dog shows of these animals have been on display since 1919. At that time, there was no split between Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Welsh Corgi Pembroke, and they crossed freely. The breeds were split in 1934, with the British Kennel Club registering, and in 1935, the American Kennel Club also recognized Cardigan and Pembroke buttons as being different breeds.

Translated from the old Welsh language, "corgi" means - dwarf dog. There is a legend that fairies ride small magic dogs for hunting, and if someone wants to know the treasures, they have to make friends with the dog. Since, of course, the genie cannot make friends, because she lives in another space.

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a very expensive and rare dog. They became infamous in the CIS thanks to a Russian official named Shuvalov, who bought a separate plane to take his Corgi dogs and their servants to the most prestigious shows.


These are small dogs, with short feet and medium length fur. The coat has a down coat, and dogs shed a lot, this must be taken into account. The body is compact, square, elongated, and the tail is also long, not curved up. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, slightly elongated, very expressive, like the eyes. Ears are large, straight, and slightly parted. Coat color is a special characteristic of these dogs. Usually the color combines amazing shades of red and brown with various markings, as well as white and black, but in general it can be any.


Perhaps the most famous character trait of Welsh Corgi Cardigan is the incredible, incomparable dedication to its owner and family. They are ready to give their attention and caress for days on end, and literally hang out with you the whole time. On the other hand, they have a fairly developed mind, and therefore they understand the owner's desire to be alone, as well as to have his own inner independence.

They don't like being alone, but they can, if needed. Again, although staying for a day is one thing, staying for a month is quite another - if you need to go on a business trip it is best to take a dog with you. Welsh Terriers love to give voice, and they have a large variety of "shades of speech". The bark can be reduced loudly and for some reason during the training process, but you will not be able to completely get rid of this quality - accept it.

The high level of intelligence allows the dog to have, so to speak, his own view of things and therefore, even if properly raised and trained, he can still sometimes act his own way. They are well aware of what is happening around them, can intervene in family disputes and generally love to be involved in all family affairs. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan has an open and kind personality and therefore welcomes children and likes to be friends with them.

These dogs have strong guarding and caring instincts, although they are now rarely used as such. They need early socialization, like most dogs, as well as early acquaintance with cats, in order to perceive them naturally in the future. They are easy to learn and even like different activities, as they need intellectual stimulation. Active love games and walks.

an exercise

Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies need training, simple exercises, and intellectual endeavors. However, they are not currently used as guard or herding dogs, so only behavior correction and basic driving training are required.

These animals have a well-developed mind, a good understanding of the owner and his psyche