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The essential vitamins that should be in dog food

The essential vitamins that should be in dog food

Beneficial supplements are in demand not only by humans but also by pets. After all, they also suffer from adverse environmental factors and stress and wish constant support from vital forces. Often owners neglect this need, this causes deterioration of the pet's health and is that the reason for frequent visits to the vet.

Essential vitamins

Even if you feed your pet a balanced dry food, you ought to know that this might not be sufficient for the body of alittle dog or adult dog that moves actively a day while they walk.

As a rule, veterinarians prescribe vitamin and mineral complexes for dogs which will meet all the requirements of the dog. But before we plan to take vitamins, allow us to discuss the role of the foremost important of them within the dog's diet.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, also referred to as retinol, improves the condition of the dog's skin, features a good effect on the bones and improves reproductive function. This vitamin is found in carrots and sea fish.

If a dog's body doesn't absorb the carotene in the least, then often dog owners hate sea fish thanks to their osteoporosis. Therefore, the simplest solution here is to introduce vitamin A into an oil-based or regular animal oil diet.

B vitamins

Without these vitamins, normal metabolism are going to be impossible. Its presence within the body in sufficient quantities features a beneficial effect on the regeneration of blood and other cells.

Most of the B vitamins are found in meat. But not every owner is prepared to feed meat to a pet thanks to the danger of infecting the animal with parasites.

Vitamins of this group are produced on the idea of brewer's yeast, which is suggested for inclusion within the dog's diet. To get older, puppies need vitamin Bc, also referred to as vitamin B9. It are often found in grains, vegetables and cheese. But if for a few reason the dog is deficient in nutrients from food, then it should tend within the sort of vitamins.

The B vitamins are usually produced during a complete complex and one tablet can provide a daily requirement for these substances.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C is primarily liable for the immunity of pets. this is often thanks to the very fact that the dog almost doesn't receive vitamin C from food, as he doesn't eat raw vegetables and fruits. within the process of warmth treatment, it's completely destroyed.

Signs of vitamin C deficiency are apathy, lethargy, and poor appetite. And if you cannot feed your dog vegetables and fruits, give him raw liver and vitamin C within the sort of pills.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is liable for the extent of immunity and regulates the metabolism of phosphorous and calcium within the dog's body. In deficiency, puppies can develop rickets at a young age, and adult dogs suffer from osteoporosis. vitamin D is found in animal oil and hard and sour milk cheeses.

It is also produced within the dog's body under the influence of sunlight. But you would like to take care with them in weather, as a dog can get heatstroke.

Vitamin E.

This is the foremost powerful antioxidant, and its deficiency negatively affects reproductive function and muscular tonus. vitamin E deficiency is rare in veterinary practice, but cereals, eggs, and vegetable oils must be included within the diet to take care of an appropriate level.

Vitamin K.

Deficiency of this vitamin within the dog's body can cause liver and intestinal diseases. the most dose of this substance is given to puppies with breast milk during active growth. Veterinarians in his absence prescribe drug treatment with complex drugs.

Vitamin B.

This vitamin is named niacin, and when dogs lack it, wool problems begin and dermatitis develops. Also, its deficiency can cause diseases of the central systema nervosum and diarrhea. If you are doing not eliminate its deficiency in time, it'll deplete the dog's body.

Choose vitamins for the dog

The risk of developing beriberi in dogs that follow a diet is extremely rare. But if you feed your pet, then only natural foods are included within the diet, you'll got to enter vitamin and mineral complexes.

Pay attention to your pet's behavior. If he starts to bite into inedible things or his hair looks dull and dry to the touch, and his eyes suffer from increased tearing, see a veterinarian. he's the sole one who will determine the causes and prescribe a posh of vitamins and minerals necessary for the pet.