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How to remove fleas from dogs

How to remove fleas from dogs

Fleas are dangerous insects everywhere that are easy to catch with dogs, not just on the street. Owners often face the problem of how to get fleas out of the puppies, because it is easy not to notice them on the fur, and the prevailing opinion is that domestic dogs do not have such parasites at all. How to protect yourself from fleas? Only regular preventive treatment of the pet with special medicines will protect the animal from unwanted guests on the fur.

Fleas can be caught almost anywhere:

Yard near your house,
Contacts with other animals,
Calling someone after the street (through shoes or clothing).
How do you know if dogs have fleas? If the animal begins to itch constantly - this is the first sign of parasites and the start of your study: How to get rid of fleas. Small red spots with a drop of blood - flea wounds can be seen in dogs if you spread the fur. However, combing these parasites alone will not get them out - you need reliable artillery.

How to get rid of fleas with folk remedies?

If you are thinking about the question of how to remove fleas in a house where there is a dog - one of the most popular options is called a mixture of soda and water (in equal proportions). It is applied to carpets and left overnight. The next day the carpet should be vacuumed. Soda is poisonous to flea eggs and larvae, and when it bumps into the fleas themselves, it actually dries out the insect. This procedure should be repeated for two weeks (every four days).

Solving the problem of how to remove fleas from dogs at home - tincture of wormwood. The animal's fur is treated with an aqueous solution in the proportion of a third of a cup of dye for every pint of water.

Modern veterinary medicine against fleas

Today, folk remedies for fleas are used less and less, because there is a more reliable choice of control methods. Modern veterinary medicine recommends the use of sprays, drops, tablets, and flea collars. It is important that each individual treatment is safe for a dog if instructions are followed carefully. There is also a difference in the duration of the tool and the level of its effectiveness.

Flea collars as a means of prevention

Leaders between means of protection - flea collars - are impregnated with a special solution that scares fleas or kills them. How do flea collars work? This is a thin, inconspicuous plastic belt made of a breathable material, which it only wears around a dog's neck, and it is worn all the time. Active ingredients that fight parasites are applied to the collar in a strictly defined amount so as not to harm the animal.

If we consider the flea collar for treatment, then its effectiveness is equal to high-quality prevention. If parasites are already established - it is better to pay attention to more active means (sprays, drops, tablets) with detailed instructions on how to treat a dog from fleas.