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The behavior and personalities of cats must be well understood

The behavior and personalities of cats must be well understood

Solo walking predators are a saying that best describes the nature of cats. She is graceful, elegant and often does what she wants. However, love of freedom does not mean that a cat is not attached to its owner. On the contrary, cats are very sensitive to changes in their mood and human health.

Cheerful and active cats require attention to themselves, calm palates - they can tolerate hugs, and dogs with checkered fur, on the contrary, prefer to be touched only when they are in a good mood. The new member of the family is maintenance, upbringing, proper cat food and good care. This is a life together for 10-15 years. That's why it's so important for your personalities to be compatible.

New family member: How is the first acquaintance?

You can feel how a kitten in your house will behave on the territory of the owners. The behavior in a flock of siblings will immediately show whether the animal is active or, on the contrary, stays away from games.

The second step is important to contact the cat yourself (or if you come with a child - then with her, too). Enjoy, snap. Watch for cat behavior: Do not cause animal aggression. The fighting spirit practically guarantees that everyday hugs will be questioned. And in adulthood, the animal often uses claws and teeth. If the cat is kind to you and reaches a new part of affection - with this fluffy you can share warmth.

If you have children, note that not all breeds like toys, not everyone has a high level of attention (and the child is not always able to control himself). In contrast, there are cats who love children and like to spend time actively in games and fun.

Cats and babies: Choose a gentle breed

Maine Coons tops the list as the best breed of cat for children. They are large and have a good nature. They can be hugged and cuddled, and they will not show any aggression towards your child.

Canadian sphinxes bald cats for the apartment. They have very cute folds on the skin and a lot of love inside, which little owners are ready to give. This breed has a temperate nature, so children are treated kindly.

The British Cornish Rex are good, energetic creatures with big ears. They are ready for fun games and expressions of love on the part of children, because they will respond to them without the slightest kindness.

Shorthair Britons are beautiful, calm cats. They have enough patience for constant communication with children, as well as kindness. They are very attached to their family and children.

Orientals seem a little unusual, but they are very intelligent and good cats. Created for common active games, kids love. And if the cat does not like something, then he will not attack her, and calmly turn away from the child.

Burmese cats are the friendliest of all cat breeds. They are kind and patient. Understand cuddling and games. It is important for this breed to get along easily with other pets, which should be taken into account if you already have a cute cat or dog.

Scottish Straight Cats are very gentle and love to show kindness and love towards them. It is said that these cats are intended for babies and love them almost the same as them, so they treat babies with tenderness and softness.

Noisy meowing at night or deep sleep during the day: we analyze cats' personalities

Independent cats can take care of themselves, especially if you don't spend a lot of time indoors. Independent individuals will easily tolerate separation from you. British Shorthair cats love their owner, but do not suffer if they are left alone for too long. Also look out for kuril bobtails and Turkish baths.

If your family suffers from allergies - pay attention to elegant cat breeds. The Sphinx is the best. And also breeds that love to bathe. Find a Turkish bath and a savanna. You can easily choose a good food for neutered and neutered cats of these breeds.

Need an active and cheerful gaming buddy? Bengal and Ethiopian cats will be delighted to play in your apartment. Also, these breeds are the most devoted cats. It is easier to train them, and they express feelings to the owner in a bright and warm way.