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Signs of obesity in cats and how they can be avoided

Signs of obesity in cats and how they can be avoided

No matter how great the fat cats look and live by in the photos, being overweight is not a cause for admiration, rather a cause for concern. Let's clarify right away what is overweight and obesity in cats. Obesity - when a normal cat weighs, for example, 10 kilograms, and it weighs more than 12 (that is, more than 20% of the excess weight).

Obesity appears, at first glance, to be the least dangerous of all diseases. However, veterinarians have the opposite opinion. Weight gain provokes the following changes:

Changes the animal's appetite,

Become lazy and sedentary,

Never want to waste energy again,

In general, the cat's quality of life is deteriorating.

Why does the cat gain weight?

The first and important reason is that an animal's bowl always contains a mountain of food, regardless of the size of the recommended portion of dry pellets according to the age of the cat. Or, if it is natural food - the owners constantly put something delicious in a bowl during the day. The cat may not want to eat, but when the food is before his eyes and he is not doing anything or nobody else in the house - the animal is more likely to occupy himself with dinner.

Cats may look forever hungry and get used to the fact that we respond to sad eyes and generously give a double serving of the good stuff. But the eyes want, and the stomach is not always ready to digest an overdose. Even if it's the best food or elite fish.

This obesity in cats is dangerous, and its consequences are manifested in diseases. It can be diagnosed by visiting the veterinarian in time. Asthma, diabetes, urinary system disease, hypertension, hepatopathy and heart failure.

The cause of obesity is one of these reasons, or two reasons at the same time. In any case, if your friend is no longer suitable for your lap, and after you lift him, you will have a pain in the back - it is better to take him to the vet.

What is the risk of overeating and, as a consequence, obesity?

The diseases that accompany obesity slowly but surely weaken a cat's health. Excess weight in cats causes the heart to take a double burden, and it is not ready for it. Insulin, which is produced by a healthy body, is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. Diabetes reduces this ability, which can lead to dangerous and fatal results.

Obese cats do not move much, so their muscles do not receive a normal load. This leads to problems with movement, spine, and legs. Liver and urinary problems should not be left to chance.

What if the cat is really fat?

A visit to the veterinarian will either eliminate dangerous diseases as the cause, or start urgent treatment and prevent the problem at an early stage. The second point is the cat's diet. If the cat eats more than necessary - the diet becomes the first point.

You should not risk the cat's health and starve him to lose weight quickly. A sharp decrease in body weight will do nothing but stress the body and the nervous system. And health problems can get worse.

The safest way to treat obesity is to reduce or change the food gradually so that the cat does not have to worry about why they are being punished and why there is not as much food in the bowl as it used to. Slow weight loss - a safe return to normal. You can do a weekly weighing to adjust the process.

How do you prevent obesity in cats?

Cats, like humans, need a balanced diet and physical activity. How Much Food to Feed Your Pet - It's easy to calculate, because each food carton contains a dose for the animal, depending on its age and health.

You can also make a preliminary diagnosis and determine the first signs of obesity at home: the cat should feel the ribs, if you run your palm over your chest on both sides. The abdomen should not droop. The waist is visible. If not - don't worry, together with your vet you will choose low-calorie cat food for obesity and help your friend lose weight comfortably and return to an active life. And although it will take more than a day, it is better to stay longer and safer!